Transportation Procedures and Policy


On rules and regulation:

  1. The school shall insure that every student registered for our transport utility shall have an allocated seat.
    The school shall include every student registered for our transport utility in our accident and third party liability insurance scheme.
  2. The school shall strive, from within the known restrictions, to maximize the efficiency of the transport system.
  3. The school must adhere to the public rules and regulations of transport as prescribed by the traffic and concerned department.
  4. The school shall provide a transport escort during the trip back home only. The transport administration:
    1. The transport system operators cannot wait to pick up a student after the time that has been allocated to him has passed
    2. The transport system does have an escort person during any of the trips except for the trip back from school
    3. Any student who is not collected at the point of delivery shall be returned to school and his parents contacted to collect him/her.
    4. There will be restrictions on the motion of our busses due to road/construction/ or similar aspects. The school transport administration reserves the right to allocate the
      pick up and/or drop off point based on the factors that improve the overall efficiency of the operation not on personal needs of the user.
    5. Registration for the transport services be filling a registration form
    6. In case of address change, an advanced notice and map, three working days ahead, is required before we can reinstitute the transport service.
    7. The administration reserves the right to deny any student the use of the transportation service if he/she does not abide by the set rules and regulations.
    8. The administration reserves the right to revoke the seat allocated to the student(s) at registration once the bus route is confirmed.

General headlines:

  • The school reserves the right of suspension of the transport service to those individualswho do not adhere to the standards and regulations of the transport service.
  • The school reserves the right to allocate collection and drop off points to certain areas,streets, compounds and multiple entry buildings. Such distribution if any would be announced to the subscribers upon finalization of the transport routes