The School follows the Qatari curriculum of the Ministry of education syllabuses for Arabic, & Religion. Non-Muslim Children do not take Religion if they wish.

Green Park School provides a curriculum appropriate for the age and development level of each child. The learning environment fosters all areas of development: intellectual, language, physical and social; and provides the challenge for children to learn according to their individual growth patterns.

Our program aims at:

  • Providing an environment designed for the age group served and implemented with attention to the needs and differences of the individual children
  • Providing themes of interest which integrate and teach all areas of the core curriculum (e.g. language, arts, mathematics, science, social studies)
  • Providing an environment arranged in learning areas (e.g. art area, science area, reading area, dramatic play area). Each area will have a variety of activities for the children. This arrangements allows for a wide range of developmental interests and abilities within the same classroom
  • Providing a balance of classroom activities that are teacher-directed and child-initiated. These activities may be active or quiet, performed individually or in a large or small groups
  • Providing a learning process which is active; one in which children interact with each other and materials while engaging in cooperative hand-on learning with day-to-day life experiences
  • Providing a curriculum that builds up upon what children already know and able to do to enable them to connect new concepts and skills
  • Providing opportunities for exposure to a wide variety of information and literacy experiences and the use of technology through daily activities in the classroom and media area.

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Core Curriculum Creative Skills

Creative skills are developed by engaging children in activities with play dough, sand, water, dramatic play, blocks, creative stories, art, music, movement and a variety of other materials.

The student will be encouraged to participate in activities that foster individual creativity:

  • Express thoughts and ideas about work and play
  • Develop and verbalize solutions to simple problems
  • Think of new uses for familiar materials